How well positioned is your organization to deal with the known security threats of today and the unknown of tomorrow?

Secure the endpoint connectivity of your network with leading vendor offerings to protect your business


  • Maintain required security and allow users to choose their own devices for connectivity via Mobile Device and Application Management (MDM/MAM)
  • Provide visibility and automate corrective actions for endpoints
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory and corporate security policies
  • Monitor threats 24×7 and report in real time with expert consultation

With our extensive ecosystem of vendors in Hong Kong and experienced security professionals, we provide customers complete and tailored secure solutions to satisfy their users and increase productivity.

Protect network integrity with tailored Identity, Credential & Access Management (ICAM) solutions


  • Simplify and secure your network with Privileged ID Management and Compliance Mobility offerings
  • Maintain secure access controls through User Identify Management, Access Controls and token life cycle management
  • Provide a seamless and productive user experience with Single Sign-On (SSO)

The security threats to your IT infrastructure can come from anywhere. We can secure your legitimate and productive users with the right level of access together with a simple but secure sign-on experience.

Protect and secure information assets with a multi-faceted and holistic approach against known and unknown threats


  • Simplify key management protocols combined with data encryption and masking techniques to ensure security and regulatory compliance
  • Allow correct access to authorized users with database level security and associated firewalls, monitoring and audit trails. Provide response alerts to unauthorized attempts
  • Enable detailed reporting for any necessary forensic investigations. Mitigate the risks of financial institutions and impact on reputations with a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention

Ensure that your organization is constantly alert of any threats targeting your most valuable of assets – information.

Our network security offerings can detect, identify and deal with current and emerging threats and mitigate business risk


  • Identify and block attacks before they reach sensitive applications and data with secure firewalls (Next General & Web Application levels) combined with a Unified Threat Management approach
  • Enable authorized users and transaction data to pass rapidly though web secure gateways
  • Combine intrusion detection and prevention with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) systems to ensure awareness of threats and necessary responses

Our extensive experiences and a team of security experts guarantee you a complete network security solution to cater for the known and unknown threats to your business.

We have the facilities, tools and resources to ensure your security needs are enabled on a 24×7 round the clock basis


  • Provide a complete solution dealing with event and incident management, correlation, logs, reporting and status dashboards on a 24×7 basis for customers who may lack the necessary in-house support
  • Deal systematically with all aspects of physical and virtualized systems in methodological approach to save money and mitigate potential risks

Security is a constantly evolving minefield of new risks to your business. We have the resources to build a tailored security solution to meet your budget and protect your business.



We offer a cyclic services approach, ensuring your business is well equipped to deal with existing and emerging threats.

Our risk assessment and auditing service ensures your organization is ready to meet your security compliance obligations


  • Quickly define the security compliance needs of your business with a Risk Assessment and Audit exercise conducted by subject matter experts
  • Address items such as event management, policies, processes, architectural considerations, mobile applications, Web and cloud security for comprehensive corporate and regulatory risk mitigation
  • Benchmark the results with a comprehensive auditing and testing plan matched against the stated needs of your business

Our risk assessment and auditing is an essential first step to incorporate all aspects of your existing security infrastructure with any necessary enhanced or new elements. 

We provide a strategy for cost effectively dealing with potential risks highlighted in the Risk Assessment phase


  • Utilize our extensive team of security experts to enable your security framework with minimal business impact
  • Enhance existing security procedures and policies with a qualified, certified practitioner of ISO 27001
  • Promote awareness of security concerns and adopt a new company baseline standard for all security concerns

We have assisted many clients to build, enhance and standardize their security frameworks. Security impacts your entire business. Our framework can ensure the necessary traction to mitigate security risks across your company.

Implement recommended security initiatives without dramatically increasing your budget and mitigate your business risks


  • Provide on-site and remote security response support to ensure incidents are addressed as soon as they occur
  • Resolve security issues on a 24×7 basis with access to our security experts and timely action on immediate security issues
  • Reduce pressure on your budget through our management of your security logs and audits

Deploy our state-of-the-art security facility and provide a constant monitoring service to all aspects of your security requirements.

Explore more of our Security Operation Center Plus (SOC+), please click here

Jointly established and launched with CTM, to provide Macau enterprises with comprehensive and efficient information security monitoring and defense services


  • Supports both Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and situational awareness of cybersecurity
  • Located within the CTM building, supported by CTM’s data center which complies with numerous international certification requirements
  • Composed of security professionals, who have undergone rigorous training and assessment
  • Equipped with advanced technologies, including big data and artificial intelligence, and with CTM’s advanced 5G network and fixed-line support
  • Assist enterprises to comply with relevant laws and regulations of the “Macau Cybersecurity Law”

Our security operation center services can help you to achieve security, stability, and comprehensiveness for your business in Macau.

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Diligently manage outside threats to keep your IT infrastructure environment secure against unwanted intrusion


  • Complete management of your entire security infrastructure from a single solutions provider to cover all hardware and software
  • Ensure necessary updates and upgrades are scheduled and applied as per compliance requirements

Our extensive partner network allows us the capability to give our customers the best solutions for their specific business requirements.