Our Infrastructure Solutions cover the full spectrum of your business needs from Enterprise Data Center to those of SMEs. No matter how big or small, we have the right solution suitable for your business.

Maximize your data center options with a holistic approach to your future IT infrastructure


  • Simplify your IT Infrastructure and reduce cost through an integrated approach
  • Increase the flexibility, reliability and agility of your data center with a non-vendor specific approach
  • Manage diversity and achieve service levels fitting your environment with a single contact point

Partnering with an extensive network of global hardware and software vendors, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions for seamless integration into your existing environment and immediate productivity gains.

Utilize our world-class networking solutions to maximize your investment and drive your business forward


  • Enjoy proven methodologies from initial consultation on network design to planned implementation delivered by our professional consultant, trained and dedicated engineers while meeting your ongoing servicing needs
  • Provide completely customized solutions tailored for your specific businesses requirements
  • Leverage ASL’s pool of expertise in all aspects of networking from Data Center backbone solutions to WAN, from wireless and associated management tools to software

Whether you are seeking to enhance an existing network or build a completely new one, we can cater for all your needs to ensure high availability.

Mitigate the security exposure of your intercompany transactions with our completely secure endpoint and messaging solutions


  • Ensure regulatory and corporate compliance to mitigate risk of negative goodwill and business impact
  • Keep your intercompany transfers secure and reliable
  • Implement a secure everything policy from email and messaging to applications and your existing IT infrastructure

We are the sole approved service provider for the SWIFT network in Hong Kong & Macau. Our expertise will ensure the complete security of all your intercompany transactions, whatever the nature of your business.

Pay per page and forget the hassle of buying and repairing printers and consumables


  • Reduce printer CAPEX to zero and pay a per usage fee for pages printed on a monthly basis from OPEX
  • Set individual printing authority levels for staff to save costs
  • Eliminate the difficulties of managing your own printing infrastructure

We provide customers with a wide range of printing options to reduce the total printing costs of your company.  With our equipment, consumables and maintenance support, you can justify the ROI easily with a simple ROI demonstration model.



We have the expertise and resources to provide full range of services and support with a compelling value proposition. With extensive logistical and partner networks, deep industry vertical knowledge and over 40 years of market experience, our customers are assured of the highest quality when it comes to servicing their IT Infrastructure.

Attention to the complexities of your Data Center relocation, large or small, can quickly become a complex task with a myriad of small but essential tasks that require constant attention


  • Ensure a smooth transition with a single service provider to take care of all the aspects of your next relocation and meet your scheduled deadline
  • Deliver confidence to your business via a smooth relocation with our proprietary methodology and detailed planning process

Most CIO’s have only ever had to concern themselves with one or two data center moves. Conversely, our experts are specialized in this area and have the combined experience of hundreds of relocations, large and small. 

Refresh your IT infrastructure and advance your business with new technologies


  • Incorporate a complete IT Life Cycle Management solution to ensure constant refresh of your infrastructure and meet the needs of your organization
  • Provide a Standard Operating Environment (SOE) deployment for all the hardware and software in your business and reduce cost
  • Refresh/redeploy outdated technology to meet changing requirements and drive revenue opportunities

Our Life Cycle Management services can remove all your budgetary concerns around depreciation, maintenance, service payments and capital expenditure.

Ensure the correct versions of software and applications across all the devices attached to your IT Infrastructure by using our coherent Unified Device Management strategy


  • Easily manage the thousands of devices, including printers, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Smartphone and Virtual Desktops across your business
  • Apply a coherent service and delivery model to maintain compliance and reduce maintenance overheads
  • Retain legacy infrastructure and maximize past investments by incorporating new devices in a managed process

Maintain a high level of user satisfaction by allowing employees to use their preferred devices at work. This must be accommodated by a Unified Device Management strategy to protect the business and increase productivity.

Embrace your organizations SLA challenges!


  • Provide a single integration point of helpdesk services, call center operations and vendor support calls thus enabling faster problem resolution
  • Avoid finger-pointing with a single systems integrator to professionally manage and resolve issues
  • Reduce your cost and redeploy resources through an integrated service management approach

We have over 600 specialists providing tailored services for your business. People, processes and technologies are combined with 24×7 help desk services to support the delivery of infrastructure projects to scope, budget and schedule.

Increase the satisfaction of your users with a complete approach to support and service


  • Enjoy Level 1 through 4 support call handling on a 24×7 year round approach for deskside, servers, storage, networks and peripherals
  • Enable proactive monitoring of all critical IT Infrastructure components to identify mission critical issues
  • Meet your support requirements and SLAs with on-site, on-demand, remote and upgrade services

Our holistic approach towards your IT infrastructure support provides a unique perspective on replacement or upgrade options of your existing support desk, thereby saving money and enabling redeployment of expensive resources.