We define Data Intelligence broadly, from Digital Marketing and Business Automation through to Data Warehousing and Big Data Analytics, all based upon our extensive experience and tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Targeting Big Data areas that provide the best possible business insight and greatest business returns


  • Analyze machine data to organize and extract structured and non-structured information from traditional and open source data stores
  • Reveal analytical insight into phonetic indexing of speech data for inbound and outbound marketing programs
  • Increase confidence in business decision making by sentiment analysis of unstructured textual information with multiple language support across various business cultures

We help businesses develop Big Data solutions to increase insight via the extensive mining of existing and new forms of data. Insight is essential to determine where opportunities are available and implementable. 

Ensure Business Intelligence is your competitive advantage


  • Provide easier access to relevant business data to make relevant and timely business decisions
  • Enact a common infrastructure for users and devices to quickly produce, deliver and exchange reports, scorecards and dashboards
  • Reduce compliance costs by providing consistent information across the business

Enable locally serviced solutions delivered from global vendors to ensure your next business intelligence project delivers tangible and productive value to your organization.

Enjoy end-to-end data integrity with a governance program to manage and protect data assets


  • Ensure the integrity and governance of your next migration with dedicated ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) applications to reduce potential business impact
  • Replicate data in real-time or batch, whilst monitoring quality and security
  • Migrate valuable data assets to new systems with globally tested solutions

Business data is an extremely valuable business asset. Our solutions for data integration provide reuse, flexibility and a consistent deployment of data. Best practices provide a single and consistent data integration plan throughout your business.

Maximize the value of existing Data Warehouses with a complete integration plan


  • Ensure correct design through utilization of our data model and address new business challenges
  • Promote data governance through proven techniques for integrity and cleaning of existing and newly deployed data
  • Increase confidence in the trustworthiness of data available to all stakeholders and data domains, for all projects and business applications
  • Archive redundant information through a managed and consistent approach saving costs in legacy data maintenance

A data warehouse is a key investment your business reasonably expects a return on. Big Data projects are complimentary to legacy data warehouse investments which still retain a huge potential benefit for your business.

Position your business with real-time data and analysis to drive the right digital marketing decisions, retain and build customer loyalty whilst taking advantage of new revenue opportunities


  • Organize, manage and engage current and potential customers from various social platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
  • Deliver personalized and targeted content across various channels and devices to maximize engagement and brand loyalty
  • Understand the customer behavior with real-time analytics and cost-effectively align new marketing initiatives with your business strategy

Our holistic approach to digital marketing involves more than a redesign of existing initiatives. Our methodology aligns a desired, exceptional customer experience with the expectations of your business and key stakeholders to maximize returns and critically analyze the resulting analytics.

How well do your document management systems integrate into a complete solution to identify and drive new business opportunities?


  • Improve service levels to customers with effective e-Form solutions and workflow integration
  • Increase the asset value of information through effective Capture and Document Management Systems available on scanners, email and other data sources to promote business flexibility
  • Extend key business processes to mobile users and enhance the total customer experience
  • Provide total integration with legacy systems to ensure important information is secured and available

Our long-term experience with customers in Government, Finance and Education has enabled them to drive complete automation and provide richer, higher quality experiences for their customers while improving the integrity and availability of information and drive real cost savings to the business. 



ASL is the only local Hong Kong company to provide an end-to-end services approach for Data Intelligence.

We promote a cyclic, phased approach to a range of services for Data Intelligence designed to meet the specific needs of your business


  • Adopt a complete, end-to-end approach from the only local service provider to incorporate Information Strategy, Architecture & Design, Governance, Integration, Analytics & Optimization, Visualization and Automation
  • Maximize your business returns with over 100 specialist data intelligence experts to ensure the success of your next data intelligence project
  • Target the greatest business returns with a staged strategy to maximize returns on existing investments and define new projects based on business agreed ROI
  • Ensure a best-in-breed mentality with extensive Industry experience across a large range of Government and business customers

Data intelligence is a large unknown for many customers. We have the experience and talent to ensure that your next project will deliver specific, quantifiable and targeted returns to maximize your investment.