A leading-edge IT solutions center with multi-vendor interoperability

We are pleased to announce the expansion of Automated Center of Excellence (ACoE) in our Shatin headquarters where customers and partners can come together to experience ASL’s extensive industry expertise and best practices in infrastructure, security, data intelligence, mobile and cloud computing solutions. Covering approximately 10,000 square feet, the ACoE offers a professional business environment for demonstrations, training, workshops, benchmarking, proof-of-concept, meetings, networking and servicing. Within the ACoE, there are 8 zones with the following focus areas:

  • Solution Theme Park

Our demonstration facility is designed to showcase the very latest technology and our multi-vendor capabilities. Seamless integration of our five pillar solutions and services, including infrastructure, security, data intelligence, cloud and mobile, into multi-vendor environments can be quickly shown to demonstrate how we can solve our customer’s challenges and help them drive their businesses forward.

  • Solution Theatre

The ACoE is a fully provisioned and state-of-the-art training facility. The area can comfortably accommodate 20 persons and is suitable for customized and standard training, benchmarks and Proof of Concepts (POC’s). Many customers have realized the benefits of running their benchmarks in our controlled environment with no impact on their production systems.

  • PowerHouse

Our fully equipped PowerHouse is built to allow our vendors active participation in the facility. Participants will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions in a controlled data center environment in either partly provisioned or dedicated standard racks. Signage and logo displays are available upon request.

  • Security Operation Center Plus

Our Security Operation Center Plus is a well-equipped facility in servicing client where best-of-breed technologies, proven processes, and an expert monitoring team come together to offer our clients a comprehensive security monitoring and defense services.

Come to see, touch and feel the solutions at ACoE!