Promoting Integration and Innovation of IT Products from Mainland China and the rest of the world
Expanding Chinese Brands Ecosystem to Serve Greater Bay Area Clients

News Release – 5 July 2024

(Hong Kong, 5 July 2024) – Automated Systems Holdings Limited (“ASL” or “the Group”) (HKEX stock code: 771), a professional and trustworthy regional unified technology services partner, a professional and trustworthy regional unified technology services partner, announced the establishment of the Center of Excellence. This center aims to promote the integration and innovative application of IT products from mainland China and the rest of the world in IT solutions. By expanding the ecosystem of IT products from mainland China, ASL seeks to align with China’s development strategy for the Information Technology Application Innovation (ITAI), better serving customers in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area.

It is reported that, according to China policy, by 2027, central and state-owned enterprises are required to complete 100% ITAI substitution, establishing a secure, controllable, and independently innovative industrial chain. The demand for ITAI products is expected to be substantial in the future. In light of this, ASL has established the Center of Excellence to provide efficient, reliable, and secure new infrastructure (new IT infrastructure) and DevSecOps solutions that are compatible with both IT products from mainland China and the rest of the world, accelerating customers’ digital transformation with ITAI technology.

Promoting Integration and Innovation of IT products from mainland China and the rest of the world

In terms of market positioning, the Center of Excellence built by ASL is a platform focused on the four main areas of ITAI: IT infrastructure, system software, application software, and cybersecurity. This platform integrates various IT systems using IT products from mainland China and the rest of the world, enabling comprehensive testing and evaluation of compatibility, migration, functionality, and performance of IT solutions.

ASL is supported by over 70 international IT vendors and more than 30 ITAI vendors, making the center industry-leading in scale. ASL not only acts as a professional consultant but also provides customized solutions based on industry trends, customer needs, and application scenarios, helping clients upgrade to efficient and stable new IT systems. ASL conducts testing on new systems and generates analytical reports, including impartial assessments and comparisons, which clients can review at the Hong Kong demonstration center.

Providing ITAI Value to Greater Bay Area Clients

With over 50 years of experience in Hong Kong, ASL has built a hybrid platform of ITAI and international brand IT infrastructure, covering critical infrastructure, network security, data management, artificial intelligence, and cloud applications. ASL has relevant successful cases and experience, collaborating with mainland ITAI companies to achieve professional certifications. With a deep understanding of customers’ business environments and a strong professional team in unified technology services, the center will:

– Ensure compatibility and performance of ITAI solutions in both software and hardware, reducing operational issues;
– Provide optimized product combinations and impartial advice;
– Eliminate the need for clients to build their own testing environments, assisting them in accelerating technology adoption, reducing costs, and speeding up project progress.

Currently, leveraging its extensive experience in large government project implementation, ASL focuses on supporting the Hong Kong SAR government’s smart city initiatives. Additionally, ASL is enhancing the delivery capabilities of cross-regional, sector-focus, and specialized solution, gradually expanding to other key industries.


The Group will continue to invest resources to optimize the “Center of Excellence”, promoting the dual-line development with our suppliers from mainland China and the rest of the world, expanding the ecosystem of Chinese brands, enhancing infrastructure resources, and strengthening services related to Chinese technology and enriching DevSecOps integration capabilities to meet market demands. We will closely follow the Hong Kong SAR government’s initiatives to facilitate Hong Kong in aligning more effectively with the overall national development. ASL is strived to be a leading Unified Technology Services Partner in the region, working hand in hand with our customers to build a brighter future. Together, we are Unified for Success!

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