ASL Unified Operation Center
Unify Operation to Connect Your Business

Digital transformation is the irrepressible forward march of technology. While emerging technologies and revamped processes are crucial, having the right skills, talents and professional services processes, are key success factors to any digital transformation. Yet success in these transformations is not quite as easy to master as many think it is, for example,

  • how to launch application software agilely , along with analysing massive quantities of enterprise data for understanding the company’s state of business
  • how to ensure cybersecurity and data security
  • how to have visibility & effective management of the current infrastructure and multi-cloud environment

Furthermore, countless digital transformations fall short of lessening the operating cost and shortening project implementation time when faced with challenges in operation, cybersecurity, as well as IT service management.

With over 47 years of IT service industry experience, ASL understands that digital transformation is not just about disruption of technology. It is also about optimization and the capability to rapidly adapt through an intelligent use of technologies, data information, and best practices. That is why we are here to help.

We are pleased to announce the inauguration of the Unified Operation Center (UOC) in our Hong Kong headquarters. It is an intelligent service management platform that integrates the expertise of the world’s leading technologies in application development (Dev), cybersecurity (Sec), omni-channel managed services (Ops) into unified professional technology services. Its establishment is a further step in our continued commitment in offering customers maximal value and an extraordinary service experience. At present, UOC services are being favorably adopted by our customers and are comprehensively supporting their needs.

UOC services not only support the infrastructure, they also cover multiple cloud platforms (including private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud, and multi-platform cloud). The hallmark of UOC lies in its customizable services to enterprises in the form of “as-a-Service” and its utilisation of ASL’s experience in different industries and fields to provide customers with industry benchmarks during consultation. The service delivery of UOC meets international standards, with certifications under ISO 9001, ISO 27001, CMMI, etc. The following are some major highlights of UOC:

ASL’s huge agile team uses DevOps principles, SCRUM methodology, ITIL’s operation management, big data analysis, intelligent system, cloud delivery, etc. to provide timely and comprehensive services for customers throughout the development cycle (from design to development, and finally management).

SOC + is reputable for its intelligent professional services. With the ASL Threat Intelligence Portal (A-TIP), we have mastered many different intelligence sources in the world (including international security companies), to obtain real-time cyberattack information for assisting enterprises in monitoring the overall operation security 24/7, and to enable enterprises to obtain complete protection from application software to user’s endpoint devices and even the entire network.

The ASL Service Desk comprises of experts (People), professional service processes (Processes), leading technologies (Technology, including chatbot, self-service portal and big data), and is backed by more than 1,000 professionals, making the digital transformation of enterprises more effective.

ASL operates under the ITIL standards and through a centralized data managed platform, allowing employees at different levels of the company to familiarize with IT operations, optimizing IT asset management and capacity planning.

ASL partners with Equinix IBX Data Center, a global platform that interconnects Alibaba Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and SaaS providers like SAP. With ASL’s professional multi-cloud management, hybrid cloud applications, cloud security and cloud migration know-how, it can provide relevant services to meet the needs of enterprises for different types of clouds.

ASL uses AI elements in application development, network and data security, managed services, and IoT solutions to make the service more comprehensive and efficient.

UOC_Customer Insight
Diagram 1: ASL Unified Operation Center (UOC) unifies operations to connect customers’ business.Click to Zoom. 

Diagram 2: ASL Unified Operation Center (UOC) integrates innovative technologies into application scenarios, providing one-stop 24/7 IT managed services to customers in the form of an “as-a-Service” business model.Click to Zoom. 

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