A wide range of mobile applications developed to meet the demands of customers for off-the-shelf solutions to resolve immediate business problems. All our mobile applications can be integrated into mainstream CRM systems, providing faster and more detailed information on your customers and prospects. (Several of our more popular applications are detailed below.)

Enable sophisticated queuing applications for the Food & Beverage, Finance or Healthcare industries and enrich your customers’ experience for better business


  • Enhance service levels with a centralized system for efficiently managing queues
  • Allow customers to spend queuing time on alternative activities with built-in GPS systems
  • Provide a richer customer experience, improve operational efficiency and enhance brand image while attracting additional business

We have provided sophisticated yet easy-to-use queuing management applications to hundreds of local customers available on the iTunes Store and Google Play. Our applications can quickly integrate with your central service application, enabling a better overall service experience. 

Manage your current and future conferences with a tailored, purpose-built application to enhance participants’ experience, build brand loyalty and drive incremental business opportunities


  • Enable delegates to schedule customizable agendas, confirm attendance and track payments online through their own portable devices
  • Ensure professionally managed conferences with full preparation & planning, scheduled communications, registration, contact, information sharing, feedback and delegate access to notes
  • Provide a personal touch to participants with lucky draws, souvenir redemptions and attendee specific agendas with associated calendar event reminders for future conferences to drive additional business
  • Analyze the effectiveness of your conference planning and strategy with extensive reporting information

Our conference application can be deployed across multiple language and key mobile devices to provide participants a rich and trouble free experience and generate future and repeat business.

Generate incremental repeat business with your loyal customer base


  • Record key customers’  transaction data to track spending habits and target marketing campaigns more effectively
  • Communicate loyalty programs with customers via email, sms, mobile and social platforms
  • Analyse the behavior of your customers with provision of a wide variety of tailorable reports to translate data into meaningful statistics and measure strategy effectiveness

Our loyalty system is an innovative bonus program designed to reward those customers loyal to your business and generate incremental repeat sales to boost revenues and profitability with minimal investment.

Effectively manage and support mobile devices whilst maintaining security compliance to increase productivity in risk free environment


  • Provide users with choice in the applications and devices they decide to use
  • Provide SaaS on any device from a Unified Corporate Apps store repository
  • Structure workable and secure corporate policies across your organization regarding Mobile Device, Application and Content Management (MDM/MAM/MCM)

Enable extensive capabilities, tools, people and expertise for a complete and total EMM solution across your entire company.



Whether you are building a new mobile application or require better integration with existing applications, ASL has extensive experience in successfully delivering customer solutions to maximize business returns.

Ensure tight integration of your enterprise mobility management and existing systems


  • Provide a complete, holistically designed solution to improve productivity across all enterprise mobile applications
  • Manage any device from anywhere at any time with complete integration into existing systems
  • Ensure proposed solutions meet stated business needs with end-to-end Mobility Planning
  • Simplify the development process with tailored application development whilst enabling off-the-shelf applications to drive your business forward
  • Quickly and efficiently navigate the process for listing your applications on the iTunes Store and Google Play

Our experience provides you with the integration needed to ensure maximum productivity gains and resolve security issues from an extensive customer network of mobile devices and applications.