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For the past 40 plus years, we have proudly operated as a successful and profitable regional business in Hong Kong. Our 3,000 plus customers have continually demanded more from us on how information technology can meet and adapt to the changing needs of their businesses. To meet this challenge, we have redefined ourselves into a complete IT solutions and services provider with five tightly integrated IT solutions and services pillars which holistically represent our total solutions offering.

Infrastructure is the foundation of the company and represents our legacy of 40 plus years of successful business operations in Hong Kong.

Security is the central key pillar to all the elements of the cylinder and is needed to effectively deploy infrastructure and applications. Based upon our experience with security and infrastructure, we have enabled security as the intersecting pillar for our other three business focus, namely Data Intelligence, Mobile and Cloud.

The last three are emerging technologies our customers have demanded solutions for. We believe we are perfectly positioned and aligned for the consolidation of our past experience and a forward focus on these key emerging technologies to deliver real business value to our customers.

Infrastructure icon
Laying a strong foundation for your business success
Security icon
Protect your business and mitigate risk
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Data Intelligence
Turn data into business insight for competitive advantage
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Provide users a secure, enhanced service experience to drive loyalty and profitability
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Secure cloud enablement with greater ROI savings