Enhanced Office Automation and Company Efficiency with AWS IoT Solution Deployment

Client: Beluga Consultant Ltd

Beluga Consultant Ltd is a Hong Kong based company.
It provides consulting services for:

  • IT related solutions
  • infrastructure design
  • system deployment
  • ongoing support services

ASL provided Beluga with AWS IoT platform in 2019, in return, their company efficiency has significantly boosted with the support of IoT devices.


Catering to their ever-growing need for technological advancement, Beluga Consultant Ltd aspired to set up a series of IoT devices in offices that enable work space monitoring and automation. This arrangement has successfully released manpower from routine tasks.

Besides internal needs, Beluga was planning to deploy IoT devices as part of their solution for system deployment. However, they lacked experience in IoT platform setup and configuration. To achieve the most cost-effective solution, our cloud services expert team provided Beluga with the AWS IoT cloud solution, and assisted them with connecting their IoT devices to the IoT platform.

Beluga Consultant Ltd is now able to channel their resources to focus on product development.
They have also met their targets for office automation and monitoring purposes.