Marks a History of Commitment to Innovation, Service Excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility

News Release – August 02, 2013

(Hong Kong, 2 August 2013) – Automated Systems Holdings Limited (“ASL” or “the Group”) (HKEx stock code: 771), a leading information technology (IT) services provider in the region, today announced the celebration of its 40th anniversary, marking its ongoing focus on change in response to dynamic demands from customers and long-term commitment to bringing innovations to the business world. Established in 1973 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1997, ASL has grown from a small local startup to one of the leading IT service providers in the region, offering its public and private sector customers across Asia Pacific with a wide variety of excellent IT services and business solutions.

“Over the years, we have been dedicated to bringing high value, innovative offerings and service excellence to our customers, earning us a reputation as their reliable and long-term partner,” Mr. Henry Hui, Chief Executive Officer of Automated Systems Holdings Limited expressed. “Going forward, we are confident that our deep domain knowledge, proven methodologies and track record, international standards, extensive vendor network and a large team of experienced technical and service specialists will continue to grow the business and help our regional customers advance in the current and future IT-driven world.”

Refining our services for continued excellence

ASL has always strived to enhance its service quality in line with the best international standards. Today, ASL has attained ISO 9001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certifications, covering its extensive service delivery, software development and internal processes. These international standard accreditations fully demonstrate ASL’s capabilities in the provision of world-class IT services and solutions to satisfy the business needs of customers.

In addition to quality management, ASL is committed to broadening its services and solution mix by bringing the right technologies, best-of-breed products and one-stop services to customers. In 2012, ASL launched the Security Operation Center (SOC) in Hong Kong to provide customers in the region with around-the-clock managed security protection and services. ASL has also developed its own Intellectual Property (IP)-based product for the government, retail, education and the property sectors and has propelled organizations’ operations forward over the years.

Supported by a solid foundation, ASL has eagerly explored merger and acquisition opportunities that can complement the group’s current solution mix. In 2011, the company fully acquired i-Sprint Innovations Pte Ltd. (i-Sprint), a world-class security company, which was incorporated in Singapore.

Enhancing service capability bolstered by market expansion

After years of ceaseless effort, ASL expanded its operations from Hong Kong to across Asia Pacific. In response to the rising need to support customers in expanding their business in Mainland China, the Group opened its Shanghai office and i-Sprint opened its Beijing office in 2012. ASL is in an ideal position to better serve customers in Mainland China and acts as a springboard for them to expand outside China through the relationships with its Shanghai-listed parent company, Beijing Teamsun Technology Co., Ltd.

Helping transform customers’ businesses through IT innovations

In the past four decades, ASL has been strongly committed to providing customers across all industries with innovative offerings. From 1975 through the 1980s, ASL pioneered the introduction of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) minicomputers and third parties’ hardware maintenance service in Hong Kong. Today, ASL continues to help transform customers’ businesses by introducing innovative technologies combined with its domain knowledge. For example, ASL’s subsidiary, Guangzhou Automated Systems Limited, completed an award-winning turnkey mobile queuing system for Maxim’s Caterers Limited. In 2012, ASL provided a cloud-enabled platform to several HKSAR government departments.

Ongoing effort in taking up corporate social responsibilities

In addition to its contribution to the IT industry over the years, ASL has spared no efforts in corporate social responsibility. It has actively supported corporate citizenship by promoting volunteer work and organizing comprehensive programs for employees’ career development and well-being. The commitment to corporate social responsibility has earned ASL numerous related awards including the Caring Company award every year since 2011, which commended its effort towards the community, employees and environment.

As a caring company, ASL will continue to care about its staff, and extend its care to the environment and the society for the benefit of Hong Kong and in other regions where it operates.

Celebrating with a series of activities

In this anniversary year, ASL has already launched a number of exciting employee-focused activities to celebrate the 40th birthday; and a variety of socially responsible programs to connect employees, business partners and clients for a better society, including;

  • An Anniversary dinner with staff
  • A staff movie day
  • An anniversary video
  • A photo gallery
  • A blood donation drive
  • A charity golf game

40 years forward

Looking ahead, ASL will focus on private cloud computing, mobile computing, SOC, managed services and data center services. With regard to private cloud computing, ASL will further expand this business by investing more resources; for example, using IP developed from existing projects and replicating it for other customers, forging strategic partnerships with product suppliers to integrate self-owned and Teamsun’s products with market-ready products to provide common services. In anticipation of the mobile computing trend, we will provide mobile applications and mobile device management services. By offering data center high value-added services such as system administration, business recovery, maintenance support, data storage management, system and network monitoring services; as well as SOC managed services, we can move up the value chain and add value to customers’ business.

“Riding on our solid foundations, ASL will focus on change and transformation to use IT to help customers’ advance their business. We will continue to provide Asia Pacific customers with high-value services, as well as an integrated one-stop IT service. At the same time, we will continue to further expand regionally and invest in promoting our IP-based products,” said Mr. Hui. “Last but not least, we will strive to carry on with our socially responsible activities to help maintain a caring and sustainable community.”

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