Core Values (TRUST)

Our core values (TRUST) are an integral part of who we are. They are how we work with our peers, customers and partners, and the resulting benefits for the success of our business.


Strive for Excellence

We believe in a focus on the doing things in the best possible way the first time, striving for excellence in all we do, with a underlying mentality of driving continual improvement.

Problem Solving

We measure ourselves on resolving problems and issues in a timely manner with the correct expectations set for identification of the root cause, working a solution through in a timely and honest manner and reflecting on any lessons to be gained and shared for future experience. It is a measure of who we are that defines how we go about solving problems in a professional and effective manner to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


We expect our people to be professionally accountable and responsible for their job functions and take personal ownership of managing and following up those areas until the task is professionally completed.


We embrace the inevitability of change and constant innovation. We will respond in a timely and efficient manner to maintain our competitive advantage and for the benefit of our customers. We positively promote the stimulation of new ideas and innovations for the healthy business growth of our company and the benefit of our customers.


We strongly believe in and encourage teamwork. Working in a team that is mutually cooperative and contributes to the success of the whole team over any particular individual contribution. We expect and place high value on team members working professionally together in an atmosphere of mutual respect, sharing knowledge and ideas to ensure the entire team achieves its goals.